Mega Maunula’s process is built on experimentation. They beget trains of thought that often transform into series of works. He doesn’t want to define a specific method of working, but believes that inspiration, various emotional states, discovery and learning plays a major part in the final product. The process never stops and doesn’t require the artist to stand in front of a canvas brush in hand.

Mega Maunula graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki (now Aalto University) as a graphic designer in 1980. Maunula has been involved in music and contemporary art ever since he was a young man. Since graduating, he has had a 36 year long advertising career (Creative, Art Director) in Finnish top-notch agencies between 1980 and 2016. During his career, he has been able to work with many significant Finnish brands and has won numerous awards both domestically and internationally.

Retiring after a long career, rekindled Maunula’s intrigue towards painting and drawing. Painting, a dear hobby that had taken a step back whilst balancing work and family life started to show its face and most importantly now there was a place and time for it. One can say that Maunula grew into the role of a contemporary artist at a later age.

Mega Maunula lives and works in Klaukkala Finland.

+358 50 554 3937